New Book Panel on Monday June 17, 4-5 PM

The New Book Panel is open to registered SBWC attendees, and the public may attend as well for only $15 per person.

SBWC likes to feature new books, especially first books, and for bonus points, we love it when the new publications are by authors who were or are SBWC attendees. This year we have a rich representation in all of the above on this panel.

Moderator Lorelei Armstrong is a novelist and leader of one of the SBWC late night pirate workshops.

August Norman, known as Norm Thoeming to SBWC attendees, has been promoting his first novel, Come and Get Me, a thriller.

Deborah Gaal’s first novel, Dream Stitcher, was selected as a finalist of the 2018 National Jewish Book Award.

John Reed is the author of five novels and he will be talking about his latest, Mountain of Ashes. He teaches the other late night pirate workshop at SBWC.

K. N. Crighton, is a longtime SBWC attendee, and her first novel The New Normal is set post-Katrina New Orleans.