Dale Griffiths Stamos is Big on Structure

Monday - Friday
1:00-3:30 PM

Dale Griffiths Stamos will be back teaching Story Structure for All Genres at SBWC this year June 16-21.

In both fiction and nonfiction, Stamos looks to help writers strengthen those all-important story elements, without which the novel, memoir, play or screenplay will fall apart, no matter how beautifully worded. Stamos will look at pages from your work in the context of your whole story, helping you to strengthen the parts in ways that contribute to make a more compelling whole. Remember STORY is at the heart of every good story!

She prefers her students to bring in no more than five pages from any genre: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, play, screenplay. Those pages should be drawn from a key dramatic scene in the work, preferably not from the beginning. Students may also bring in ideas for new work, and she will help answer questions regarding potential structure. When bringing in pages, where possible, bring a copy for her.