Monte Schulz Teaches Voice & Style

Voice and Style

Monday - Friday
1:00-3:30 PM
El Monte

Monte Schulz asks that his students try to write the best they can. There’s no reward in striving to be mediocre, no matter what genre you choose.

His popular SBWC workshop is about finding the right voice or style to fit your story or novel or poem. Style is how we as writers present ourselves to the world. Writers are often known for how they tell a story, rather than the tale itself.

Schulz has been a writer for over forty years. He published his first novel in 1990. He then spent ten years writing a thousand page novel of the Jazz Age that was published in three parts by Fantagraphics Books (2009–2012). Schulz’s most recent projects include his novel Crossing Eden, published in 2015, and “Seraphonium,” an album and live performance, for which he served as composer, songwriter, and producer. Schulz has been teaching at SBWC since 2001 and became the conference’s owner in 2010.