Sid Stebel & Karen Ford Return to SBWC to Help Writers Find Their Secret Stories

S.L.(Sid) Stebel and Karen Ford

Finding Your Secret Story

Monday - Friday
1:00-3:30 PM
RM 269

Those attending read their own work aloud for positive feedback moderated by workshop leaders.

This workshop is valuable for writers at all levels.

Sid Stebel is a five times published novelist, produced screenwriter & playwright, and spent twenty years teaching grad students at USC. He has been at every SBWC since the early 1970s, except for one.

Karen Ford is a novelist and short story writer, a contributing editor to American Salon magazine and a long-time veteran of the SBWC. Her recent publication credits include Ginosko Literary Journal; Ginosko Anthology 2; Narrative Magazine, where she was the winner of the 2013 Winter Fiction contest; and bosque (the magazine), where she was the winner of the 2015 Fiction Prize.