Four Genres Panel on Thursday June 20, 4-5 PM

Four Genres Panel is open to SBWC attendees, and the public may attend, as well, for only $15.

Several years ago SBWC discovered that if you get authors working in different genres on a panel together, the conversation gets very lively. This year we have a poet laureate, a maven of YA novels, a historical novelist and an editrix of a literary journal discussing their various angles on storytelling and publishing. We hope you will join us for the fun.

Moderator Trey Dowell is the author of The Protectors, a thriller.

Laure-Anne Bosselaar is the current Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara and is the author of multiple volumes of poetry, including her latest, These Many Rooms.

Robin LaFevers writes for middle grade readers and her latest, Courting Darkness is receiving rave reviews.

Willard Thompson is the author of four historical novels and his newest is The Girl from the Lighthouse.

Silver Webb, known to us at SBWC as Angela Borda, is a writer of speculative fiction and is the editrix of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal.