Still Time to Mail Manuscripts for Ms. Consultation

The 2017 Santa Barbara Writers Conference begins Sunday, June 18.  We look forward to meeting you and hope you have an exciting week. There is still time to register if you have not at If you are already registered for the conference:

If you wish, you may still mail 10 pages of your manuscript (2 copies please) ASAP to be given to one of our manuscript consultants to read before your appointment. We will have appointments scheduled throughout the conference week, and you may also bring your manuscript to the conference and sign up there for an appointment with a manuscript consultant. We would like to receive your mailed manuscript by June 11 at the latest.

There is no extra charge for this service. It is part of your conference package.

Send to:


27 W Anapamu, Suite 305

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(If you are in the Santa Barbara area, yes, you may drop a packet off at this location, which is a UPS Store where they know SBWC well.)

You may also sign up for an appointment to speak with a manuscript consultant at the conference, with or without a manuscript. You might like to get some advice on a particular issue with your writing or want some ideas of how and where to submit your work and how to know if you manuscript is ready.

If your manuscript has been mailed ahead of time, you will receive your appointment time and place when you check into the conference.  If you sign up at the conference, you will pick your own appointment time.