Marla Miller SBWC 2015 Workshop Guest Leaders

Marketing the Muse 1-3:30pm, 6/8/15-6/12/15 by Marla Miller

My afternoon workshops remain the same—a combination of read/critique (openings only), fiction & nonfiction. We will also listen with an ear for organic social media strategies that may flow from story & enhance/build the presenter’s platform. For the past five years or so, my workshops have also included guest speakers, mostly authors carving their way thru Indie’s publishing maze.  In this session, I devote two afternoon workshops, TH & FR, to Indie publishing.

Several years of watching/following/editorializing about Indie and traditional publishing lead me here: In my humble opinion, Indie’s major role will be delivering good writers’ published works into traditional publishing’s arms. For this reason, I only follow Indie leaders and am very pleased that two will lead my workshops: Carla King on Thursday, 6/11/15 and David Wogahn on Friday, 6/12/15.  

Carla King is an Indie publishing leader and bestselling travel writer. Her workshop, a mix of editorial and marketing strategies, is aimed at the Indie author. The road to success (assuming you have writing chops) is very confusing and why I think it’s best to only follow the leaders. Carla King is one. She loves interacting so bring your ideas and pick her brain. In addition to travel writing for major brands and publishing all over the world, Carla heads up the San Francisco Writers Conference’s Indie publishing arm that includes moderating a panel of leaders who are the Who’s Who in Indie publishing.

On SBWC’s last day, I’m pleased that David Wogahn, a pioneer designer of ebook platforms and C.E.O. of Sellbooks, will run the afternoon workshop with me as assistant. I love ebooks and have published several. David is producing a three-ebook series for one of my clients, Alicia Marie. There’s so much to know and ebooks are so worth learning about, even if a writer only uses them as business and/or marketing tool. David likes the give & take of work shopping so bring your ideas, openings, proposal Overviews and questions. As long as queries relates to ebooks, (fiction & nonfiction) he’s glad to get ‘specific’ with one writer’s project believing, as I do, that what helps one of us helps us all. That’s why we workshop, isn’t it?