2014 SBWC Award Banquet Congratulations!

Every year, we hear wonderful pieces throughout the five days of workshops and late nights of pirate. We were honored to recognize a few writers at the closing night award banquet for the work that they shared at this year's SBWC.


First Place: Cat Robson 

Honorable Mention: Hector Javkin 



First Place: Mari Larangeira 

Honorable Mention: Erin Dougherty

Honorable Mention: Tom Huth 



First Place: Kaya Fried

Honorable Mention: Robin Burrows

Honorable Mention: Mike VanBlaricum


Finally, in the tradition of Barnaby Conrad, congratulations to the winners of Worst First Sentence, which is always a hilarious highlight of our closing night awards banquet!

Worst First Sentence

First Place: Margaux Hession

Honorable Mention: Mike Takeuchi