Marla Miller's Marketing the Muse: Daily Workshop Schedule

SUNDAY Workshop: Memoir-centric read-and-critique workshop w/memoir presentation by Linda Joy Myers. Q/A

  • Linda Joy Myers, President/Nat’l Assoc of Memoir Writers & author Don’t Call Me Mother

MONDAY Workshop: Ebook publishing: Nuts & bolts that won’t break the bank w/Jason Matthews. Q/A

  • Jason Matthews is the author of bestselling How to Make, Market & Sell eBooks. He delivers webinars at conferences, and recently launched video series, a companion to How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for Free

TUESDAY Workshop: HOOK ME! Read opening 2 pages to see how many in workshop are hooked enough to turn to page 3. Very useful feedback.

  • Read & Critique: Read opening 2 pages only! All genres! Fiction & nonfiction

WEDNESDAY Workshop: Read & Critique, Sonia Marsh: Author/Marketer, whose know-how includes how to get books into Costco. Q/A

  • Freeways to Flip-Flops, Marsh’s debut memoir spawned small press, My Gutsy Story® Anthology series & Gutsy BookCoaching.

THURSDAY Workshop: Carla King: Indie publishing options from veteran indie publishing pro & author/travel writer. King began self publishing in the 1990s. Q/A

  • Carla King is a travel writer & noted indie author/coach. King’s self publishing ‘bootcamp’ series is offered at conferences, webinars, and seminars.