Mary Penney Hershey will Teach Writing for Children at SBWC June 16-21

Mary Penney Hershey

Writing for Children

This workshop covers an overview of children's lit as well as an emphasis on working with  each student  to discover their strongest stories.

9:00-11:30 PM
RM 179

Mary Penney Hershey will cover the ABC's of Children's Literature -- with a Few E's and Z's thrown in for the Eager and Zealous

She will offer an overview of the best of children's lit titles and explain the different age-related genres within the children's marketplace. She’ll guide attendees through the journey to publication, addressing writer's groups, classes, conferences, how to target specific agents and editors, and current submission processes. Throughout the workshop, Mary will help students identify their unique "sweet spot" for excavating the best and strongest story.

This workshop also covers selecting and distilling the essence of a strong story idea in a first paragraph or page. Students will select and prepare an arresting story beginning, designed to catch the attention of a busy (read swamped) editor or agent. Students will read first pages with feedback by Mary and other workshop students.

Mary Penney Hershey is an author of five humorous and heartfelt middle grade novels, published with Random House and Harper Collins. Her sixth novel, entitled GREEN EYES & HAM, will be launched Fall of 2019 with editor Kristen Petit of Harper Collins.

Mary holds an undergraduate degree in Child Development and a Master's degree in Education. She is an Army veteran, a certified Personal & Executive Coach, and works full-time at Chaucer's Bookstore in Santa Barbara, where she is frequently instructed to stop drooling on the new releases.

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