Nancy Klann Fires up the Senses in her SBWC Fiction Workshop June 17-18

Fire Up the Senses

How to strengthen your fiction

Monday - Tuesday
9:00-11:30 AM
RM 269

This workshop will share techniques on elevating your fiction: How to describe a scene more vividly using sensory details; writing authentic dialogue by getting the author out of the conversation; making setting much more than landscapes and the weather; creating unforgettable characters who will drive your story. 

No matter where you are in your writing progress, trust that you may ask questions in the supportive environment of this workshop. There will be handouts on the subjects covered, and participants may bring work-in-progress to share. The goal is to kick your writing to the next level by exploring the options in the novel toolbox. 

Nancy Klann-Moren is the author of one novel, The Clock of Life, and a collection of short stories, Like Flies on the Patio.  The Clock of Life has received awards from Writers Digest, Next Generation Indie Awards, Readers Favorite Book Awards, Kindle Book Awards and more.