Melinda Palacio and Lida Sideris Lead the Way to Write Through the Fear, June 20

Writing Through the Fear

Thursday, June 20
1:00-3:30 PM
El Cabrillo

Maybe you’re juggling a fulltime career and family with the goal of completing a novel. Maybe your work has been critiqued to death. Maybe you’ve written yourself into a closet where it feels you cannot escape and put your book project back on track. Or maybe you’ve finished your book, but are scared to move into the marketing phase.

Every writer faces moments when it seems a project has come to a halt. This workshop offers a toolbox for overcoming the fears and other barriers to overcoming writing paralysis. Bring your problems and questions, and, together, we will share the solutions to your writing and marketing muddles. 

This workshop encourages interaction and movement and will wake you to what you need to do to move your project forward. We will cover the magic of ritual, concrete practices and a little of the spiritual to free up your writing and get it to the finish line.

Melinda Palacio is a the author of an award winning novel, Ocotillo Dreams, as well as three poetry books, Folsom Lockdown, How Fire is a Story Waiting and her latest, Bird Forgiveness (3: A Taos Press 2018).  

Lida Sideris writes soft-boiled mysteries and was one of two national winners of the Helen McCloy Mystery Writers of America scholarship award. The third installment in her Southern California Mystery series, Murder: Double or Nothing, will be released on June 25th.