Yvonne Nelson Perry Returns to SBWC With More Wisdom on Crafting Short Stories.

Crafting Short Stories

Monday - Friday
1:00-3:30 PM
RM 177

Yvonne Nelson Perry asks that participants in her workshop bring an open-mindedness to a critique of their work. People are reading short fiction; they often don’t have time for anything else. However all stories must have a beginning, middle and end. Test your short story in this workshop. Learn new techniques to strengthen your writing. Bottom line: master your craft.

Yvonne is the author of The Other Side of the Island, a short story collection set in a timeless Hawai’i and taken from a memoir. Over fifty stories of hers have been published in literary journals, magazines and anthologies, many receiving awards. Often sent into California schools as “a living writer” to promote the art of writing, Perry continues to teach at conferences and in private workshops. San Diego Writers/Editors Guild recently honored her with their ODIN, an award for outstanding work in the writing community. An editor for hire, Perry has been a workshop leader at SBWC for over twenty years.