How and Where to Submit to Literary Magazines and Online

Max Talley will be teaching his very popular 3-day workshop on how to market short essays and fiction this year at SBWC.

Whether you are writing short stories, poems, nonfiction, or novels, getting short pieces published in literary magazines is an essential part of platform building for an author. It is also the way potential agents and editors will gauge your experience level. This one-day workshop covers basic rules in formatting, grammar, and submission guidelines. Learn how to avoid mistakes that will cause immediate rejection.We will read the first three pages of writers’ stories or novel chapters and discuss the best places to submit to, and ways to strengthen the crucial beginning of the story to compel weary slush-pile readers to continue reading.

Mac (Max) Talley is the author of the novel, Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow, published in 2014. His short fiction has appeared in Two Cities Review, Del Sol Review, Iconoclast,The Opiate, Gold Man Review, Thoughtful Dog, Chantwood Magazine, and in the Hardboiled: Dames and Sin anthology, and is forthcoming in the Freakshow anthology from Copper Pen Press. He is a contributing editor for Santa Barbara Literary Journal.