Complete List of 2019 Contest Winners & Honorable Mentions

Not only did we have an abundance of entries in this contest, we had so much good writing. The judges said it was a real pleasure to read all the offerings. They did manage to narrow the field and pick winners and honorable mentions. Congratulations to all, including everyone who was brave enough to send their work out to be considered. Thank you.

Grace Rachow, SBWC Director



 Priscilla Lee from Newbury Park, CA

 Honorable Mentions:

J. D. Blair from Walnut Creek, CA

Gordon Ross from Phoenix, AZ




Karen MH Kersting from New Orleans, LA

Honorable Mentions:

Ken McAlpine from Ventura, CA

Kia McInerny from Los Angeles, CA

Katherine Rooks from Denver, CO

David Shulman from Skyland, NC




 Tanii Carr from Clearwater, FL (nonfiction)

Melissa Mimms from Ventura, CA (fiction)

Honorable mentions:

 Ellis Conklin from Seattle, WA

Russ Doherty from Santa Barbara, CA

Alyson Gines from Chelsea, MI

Jesse Krenzel from Auburn, CA

Nove Meyer from Port Orchard, WA

Shira Musicant from Santa Barbara, CA

Elizabeth Janis Perl from Goleta, CA

Cheri Rae from Santa Barbara, CA

Brian Watts from Carlsbad, CA

Nicolas Werner from Sherman Oaks, CA