Hooking Readers with Marla Miller

Marla Miller’s Hooking Readers with opening pages and social media strategies is the much the same workshop she has delivered since her first SBWC workshop in 2003.

What changed is the publishing industry, and for this reason Marla deleted MarketingtheMusefrom her branding strategies. Why? Since indie publishing’s debut, her workshops became linked to those offered by marketers selling their wares to writers. 

Marla has no issue with marketing per se, but story comes first. Always. 

Bring your openings, 5-10 pages, fiction or nonfiction, to Marla’s Hooking Readers workshops. Any platform building ideas that stem from story and the writer’s profile are integrated into this read and critique workshop.

From time to time guests drop by - like an agent or editor - and when this happens, we add Q & A to our workshop discussion. 

Working with both fiction and nonfiction at all levels, Marla’s workshop cross-pollinates editorial work with marketing and social media strategies to expand author platforms. All are needed in the 21st century publishing reality. In all sessions, leader and participants will listen for reader hook-ability and social-media rooted, platform-building ideas and strategies.

Workshop attendees are invited to bring openings, 5-7 pages (fiction or narrative nonfiction) and book proposals – overview, introduction and sample chapter. Query letters for critiquing are also welcomed. Bring passion for your work and the willingness to hear constructively delivered critiques.

For 16 years, Marla Miller wrote for OC Register magazine before becoming founding editor-in-chief of an O.C. lifestyle magazine. In 1999, Simon and Schuster published her first book, All American Girls, the authorized biography of the World Cup/Gold Medal winning U.S Women’s National Soccer Team. Until 2003, her sports columns appeared on Oxygen.com. 

Though she appreciates the options writers now have, Miller’s point of view remains the same: first, write the best dang story you know how to write. 

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