Many people newer to the SBWC are not aware of its rich literary tradition. How many know that Ray Bradbury kicked it off for thirty seven years?

Armando Nieto, a long standing staff member, Mary Conrad, one of the conference founders, and I have been collaborating for the last six months on: The Santa Barbara Writers Conference Scrapbook  -- Words of Wisdom from Thirty Years of Literary Excellence 1973 - 2003 which is the working title.

A large part of the project is driven by the thirty years of photo albums and scrapbooks that Mary has, which are all being scanned.

At the request of Queen Grace, we will be posting tidbits each Friday to share part of the treasure trove that we have been exploring.

For this first post I am sharing a program from an earlier conference to give an idea of how many famous writers have contributed.

I'd also like to invite anyone who has ever been involved with the conference to send along any memorabilia they might have.

1990 Schedule 2Write On - Matt Pallamary