2013 Best Opening Thanks & Congratulations

Dear Writers, Thanks to those who participated in our 2013 Best Opening writing contest. After reviewing over 200 entries, some clever, others funny, many thrilling, and a few lyrical, we’ve selected the winner of this year’s competition and recipient of a 2013 SBWC tuition scholarship.

First Place: Diane Winant When Mom drove around with Grandma Schmidt on Tuesdays and Grandma Toots on Thursdays, I heard from the back seat of our Pontiac sedan that Aunt Alice didn’t wear underpants, Uncle Herman never paid income tax, and Cousin Cathy’s “appendicitis” was really a baby girl.

We’d also like to name several honorable mentions, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Lorie Brallier
  • Ann Doyle
  • Christina Gessler
  • Peggy Kassees
  • Stuart McElderry
  • T. Patrick Mulroe
  • Shelly Parker
  • Chris Westphal

Again, thank you for sharing your words!

Write On!

Nicole Starczak SBWC, Director

“Your best move is to start everything you write fast. That means, something highly unusual that’s distinctive to you and your voice should happen on the first page, so that people are compelled to read the second, and the third, and the fourth.” – Gar Anthony Haywood, author of Cemetery Road, speaker at SBWC 2012 and teaching at SBWC 2013