Elfrieda Abbe Blogs: Advice for New Attendees

My advice for writers who have never attended SBWC

by Elfrieda Abbe

Relax and enjoy. From the presenters to the other attendees, no matter what level of writing or publication, we share the same challenges. The conference setting is a wonderful place to get and share ideas, learn ways to improve and market your work.

Come prepared. You will get more out of your workshop if you bring requested samples of your writing or queries and be prepared to ask questions and share experiences. Remember that no question is too basic. Writing is an ongoing learning experience for all of us.

Follow up. The conference is a great place to meet agents, editors and other writers. Take notes on who you need to follow up with after the conference. If you've pitched and idea to an editor or agent who expressed some interest or offered advice, a thank you email is in order. Send any requested materials promptly as well. For the conference presenter, it’s always fun to hear from a writer who followed your advice and went on to achieve their goals.

**Elfrieda Abbe will be teaching at this year's SBWC Sunday June 10th.**