Leslie Dinaberg

 Manuscript Consultant

Leslie Dinaberg has been a professional editor and writer for more than 25 years and spent the last decade as the Managing Editor of Santa Barbara SEASONS, a glossy regional lifestyle magazine and website. She has also overseen the editorial content of Santa Barbara Polomagazine, Coastal SEASONS magazine and Santa Barbara Visitors magazine, in addition to serving as the Managing Editor of the national publication Hispanic Business Magazine and SuperOnda Magazine, a national publication for college students. She was also the Executive Editor of SAM (Sales *Advertising*Marketing), a national business magazine, and SOURCE, a regional publication for meeting planning professionals. 

Formerly a syndicated columnist for—with regional affiliates throughout California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona; Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe and Carson, Nevada; Austin and Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas—Leslie has also authored more than 250 “Cocktail Corner” columns exploring the world of wine and spirits, as well as hundreds of humor columns, which appeared in the South Coast Beacon, Santa Barbara Daily Sound and Noozhawk

 Her feature articles and news stories have appeared in a number of regional and national publications, newspapers and websites, including Ventana Monthly; California Centers; Santa Barbara Magazine; Coastal Woman Magazine; Central Coast Magazine; Goleta Magazine; South Coast Beacon; Sales Quenchers; Santa Ynez Valley Visitor’s Magazine; Montecito Magazine; Sales, Advertising and Marketing Management; Santa Barbara Parent; Ventura Parent; MEM (More Effective Management); Goleta Valley Voice, Solvang Visitor’s Magazine, Ventura Visitor’s Magazine and Upwardly Mobile Magazine.

 Leslie has also authored three nonfiction children’s books—Spider Life (Reading Rocks series, The Child’s World Inc.)  Volcanoes (Boys Rock series, The Child’s World Inc.) and Women in Charge (Reading Rocks series, The Child’s World Inc.)—and is the co-author of Hometown Santa Barbara: The Central Coast Book (Prospect Park Press), an insider’s guide to her hometown. 

 Writing Words to Live By

Procrastination is the enemy of just about everything except online shopping. Get it out of your head and on to the page! Writing IS rewriting. 

 A Few of my Favorite Writers

Anne Tyler, Jane Austen, Michael Lewis, Ann Patchett, David Foster Wallace, Anne Lamott, Aaron Sorkin, Elizabeth Berg, Richard Russo, Anna Quindlen, John Irving, Michael Chabon, John Green, Ruth Reichel, Donna Tartt, Dorothy Parker, Nick Hornby, William Goldman