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Dusk Weaver

Manuscript Consultant

If poet William Cowper indeed got it right that variety is the very spice of life, well then, Dusk Weaver is a Cajun chef within the kitchens of music and letters.

As a teenager, this valedictorian became a full-time professional proofreader for The State newspaper of Columbia, SC (when there still was such a profession), and since then has been an award winning creative writing coach, copywriter, copyeditor, nonfiction author, ghostwriter, songwriter, children’s book author, script writer, poet, literary lecturer, workshop/seminar leader, guitar designer, recording artist, director/instructor for the children’s program Junior Appalachian Musicians, private music tutor for voice and various instruments, touring concert artist/storyteller, feature writer for the fastest growing daily newspaper in America, and a partridge in a pear tree.

As some kind of cross between Renaissance Man and Everyman, Dusk also served as logo model and poster boy for a lineup of nationally distributed natural food products; he raised and trained Percheron draft horses in Santa Barbara County; and he created a unique “Cosmogonic Garden” which is highlighted in the upcoming feature-length documentary on his atypical life entitled Dusk Weaver: What’s In a Name? scheduled for release this summer.

Along the way, Dusk garnered endorsements from a dozen bestselling authors including SBWC’s own William Styron, John Leggett, and Barnaby Conrad (who penned the foreword to Weaver’s first book). Dusk’s prose won Best Non-Fiction at SBWC, and he served as assembly speaker and guest workshop leader in subsequent years. Two of his song poems were published in Apotheosis, official magazine of Poetic Genius Society, for which he is a Featured Member. His songwriting, music and singing voice won hearty praise from the late Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame standout Mickey Newbury, who served as a mentor to Dusk, and seven of Dusk’s multi-genre songs played in rotation on the radio program Americana in Paris, with his debut CD album being selected Featured Album on Nashville’s Sisyphus Tracks subscription radio program. Dusk also studied songwriting under the direct tutelage of Berklee School of Music legend Patt Pattison.

Dusk’s clients have included aspiring nonfiction writers, doctoral candidates, an Olympic Gold Medalist, BellSouth, McKesson Foods, CheckFree Corporation, PS Audio, and the U.S. Congress; his editing has ranged from biographies such as Last Words and Nectar of the Grateful Victim to guidebooks such as Wilderness Medicine and Rescue to college texts such as Patient Care Case Law to a host of varied corporate IT manuals.

 Dusk has studied writing, music, film, and performance art at Furman University, University of Southern Colorado, Western Illinois University, and University of Iowa… on scholarship, and as a member of both Phi Kappa Phi national honor society and Phi Mu Alpha national music fraternity. 

 For personalized assessment of your manuscript, lyrics, and/or song compositions, contact dusk@duskweaver.com