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Walter Halsey Davis

Screenwriting: Essential Story Structure

Manuscript Consultant

It is a common misperception that screenwriters write dialogue. That would be to say that a homebuilder only applies the paint.That’s what is done after all the critical work has been completed. In this screenwriting workshop, the focus will be on the essential structural work: how plot develops out of character, how character is revealed and tested by conflicts set up by the theme chosen, how the main character is facing the greatest challenge in his/her life, and if it is not, then that should be the story, and where to stop and start a story.

Walter Halsey Davis has written thirteen produced films, including Seven Hours to Judgment, Strange Invaders the mini series, Great Escape II, the Hallmark Hall of Fame Resting Places, the AT&T Special Last Flight Out, and Father Son. He has won an Emmy, Writers Guild Award, a Special Edgar Allen Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America, the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award, Humanitas Prize, the Christopher Award, and a Golden Globe nomination.