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Lorelei Armstrong

Pirate Workshop

In–depth read and critique session

9:30 PM into the wee hours
El Monte

All writing welcome, including screenplays. Bring anything. Bring it in any state. Bring yourself in any state. Just come for a listen. Or for a snack. These are friendly pirates. (The only requirement is that you bring respect for the people sharing their work.)

Message to Students

You will experience a complete hero’s journey in a week if you let yourself.You will rejoice and despair.You will abandon hope and find it.The only “don’t” is don’t hide in your room. The main “do” is to have respect for people sharing their work.


Lorelei Armstrong is a novelist, screenwriter, and enthusiastic reader of everything. She has published one novel traditionally and self-published another. Armstrong says she is delighted to captain a pirate workshop after twenty years of attending the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Favorite Writing Tip or Quote 

Keep digging. There is a pony.

Literary (and other) Heroes

Roberto Bolaño,William Burroughs, Susanna Clarke, Umberto Eco, Louise Erdrich,William Faulkner,Tana French, Christopher Hitchens, John Irving, James Joyce, Doris Lessing, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Cormac McCarthy, China Miéville, Richard Price, Ranier Maria Rilke, Bertrand Russell, Wallace Stegner, David Foster Wallace