Charlotte Gusay

The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency

Literary Agent Charlotte Gusay’s love of the literary has deep roots. She has come to be known as the “Diane Keaton” of agents - eclectic, quality, and very selective in choosing projects to represent. Founded on the basis of her hands-on experience in the book business (as a bookseller for many years,) Charlotte Gusay (founder-owner of The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency) represents both fiction and nonfiction books, selected young adult books with movie potential, entertainment rights, books to film, selected screenplays and screenwriters and she often partners with WGA film agents. The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency is looking for those books – both fiction and nonfiction that are both quality and commercial. For example, the Agency is particularly interested in innovative, unusual, eclectic, literary, historical, humorous books and those on any issues or topics, timely or socially important. Selection always comes down to the writing. The writing must be superb; the voice, seductive. The Agency welcomes queries from any writer about any project, by email or snail mail. The Agency Website:

Queries: Please use “Writers Conference” in subject line.