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Read great authors but don’t write to be great. Write to create, to inhabit a world you can grow into.

- Perie Longo

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Favorite Books:

Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, Christopher Buckley, Elmore Leonard, Tim Dorsey, Laurence Shames

Writing tip I live by:

Writing tip I live by: First goal is to write. Second goal is to get published. Third goal is to get paid.

Ernie Witham

About Me

I have been writing the syndicated column, Ernie’s World, for the Montecito Journal for 17 years. I am the author of three humor books: Ernie’s World the Book, A Year in the Life of a ‘Working’ Writer, and my newest, April 2016, Where Are Pat and Ernie Now? A book of humorous travel adventures. My humor has appeared in magazines and many anthologies including more than twenty Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I have led humor workshops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Whidbey Island, and on Cape Cod. I find great pleasure in helping people to get their funny stories onto the page and into circulation.

What I require of my students

Students should bring works-in-progress in any genre to read in-class.