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Show up.

- Wylene Wisby Dunbar

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Wylene Wisby Dunbar

SBWC Workshops:

The Truth of Fiction

Favorite Books:

Walker Percy; Franz Kafka; Ken Kesey; Virginia Woolf; Larry Brown; Jonathan Safran Foer; Paul Auster; Sometimes a Great Notion; Love Among the Ruins; Flatlanders.

Writing tip I live by:

Show up.

Wylene Wisby Dunbar

About Me

I am the author of Margaret Cape (1997; winner, MIAL Best Fiction 1998); My Life with Corpses (2004); Entanglement (In progress). My life as a novelist has involved several other different areas of endeavor, including being a professor of Philosophy and, later, of Law. I also spent over a decade as a civil trial lawyer and, for the past seven years, have served as the CEO of an advanced physics research and development company.

My advice for writers who have never attended SBWC

Relax and enjoy. You don’t actually have to take anyone’s advice or, for that matter, accept their criticism.