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- Wylene Wisby Dunbar

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Leonard Tourney

SBWC Workshops:

Mystery Writing

Favorite Books:

P.D. James, Andrea Barrett, Cormak McCarthy, Joseph Conrad, Ian McEwan

Writing tip I live by:

Complete the first draft as quickly as possible to discover the story for yourself; you can tweak and polish at your leisure.

Leonard Tourney

About Me

I have taught writing at the university level for over forty years and published ten novels, nine of which were mysteries. I have been a workshop leader at the SBWC since 1986.

What I require of my students

Genuine interest in the genre, a willingness to consider new ideas, and active participation in discussion and workshop.

My advice for writers who have never attended SBWC

Listen well; don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be intimidated by those you think are smarter and more accomplished than you.