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Rewriting separates the grownups from those who prefer wandering in the wilderness.

- S.L. (Sid) Stebel

SwirlAdvance Submission FAQ

 Manuscripts being sent for reading by agents are due May 19. Mail your manuscripts with enought time to arrive.

Q: Who can participate in Advance Submission?

A: Advance Submission is available only to registered attendees. 

Q: How do I choose multiple readers?

A: Our online registration form is configured to easily select multiple readers. If you decide you'd like to purchase more readers at a later date, you can easily do so, but will need to fill out the form again. Please do not select the same reader twice, even if submitting a different manuscript.

Q: Can I submit two different manuscripts?

Yes, but not to the same reader--one submission per reader. If you have another project you’d like your reader to be aware of, you are welcome to discuss it during the meeting at the conference. When you mail in your manuscripts, be sure to indicate which manuscript goes to which reader.

Q: What should be included in my submission?

A: Unless otherwise noted, you may submit the first 5 pages of your manuscript, in standard professional format (see our guidelines). A cover letter (or query letter) and/or one-two page synopsis may also be included, which does not count as part of your total number of manuscript pages.

Q: How many copies of my manuscript should I include?

A: Please include a copy for each reader, as well as an extra copy for conference records. This extra copy is very important because it allows us to replace any manuscript that is lost. If you are submitting the same manuscript to multiple readers, the conference only needs one additional copy. For example: if you have chosen three readers, you will mail four copies of your submission. 

Q: Can I submit pages from the middle of my book?

A: No. Readers, agents, publishers, and fans will all want to start at the beginning of your story.

Q: What is the "proper format" of manuscript pages?

A: To properly format your manuscript, be sure you:

  1. Double-space between lines. 
  2. Use 12 point Times New Roman, Courier, or another easy to read serif font.
  3. Include your last name, and the title of your manuscript on the left side of the header (ex. SUMMERS / THE LITTLE GIRL IN RED). On the right side of the header, insert the page number.
  4. Format the page with a one-inch margin all the way around.
  5. Print only on one side of the paper. 

Q: Should I include a cover letter?

A: While not mandatory, a cover letter is recommended to help introduce yourself and your story. If you have already begun to query agents, you can include your query letter.

Q: Should I include a synopsis?

A: We do not require a synopsis, but if you already have a polished one/two-page synopsis it never hurts to include it.

Q: Is my cover letter and/or synopsis considered part of my page count?

A: No. Cover letters and synopses do not figure into your five page submission.

Q: Where do I send my advance submissions?

Address your submission(s) package to:


Santa Barbara Writers Conference

27 West Anapamu Street

Suite 305

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Q: Can I place multiple submissions in one envelope?

A: Yes. Including multiple submissions in one envelope is best. Be sure to note which manuscript goes to which reader.

Q: Can I email my pages instead of mailing them in?

A: No. We do not accept advance submissions via email. You are responsible for printing your pages and mailing them into the conference.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting?

A: Deadline is May 19, 2018. Advance submission material must be received by the deadline.

Q: What if I need help choosing a reader?

A: Contact SBWC by email or phone. Email: Phone: 805.568.1516